Cold & Flu caused sinusitis

The Nasal Microbiome,

maintaining it, is very simple and easy to do. Washing the nose with a safe, effective, and trusted cleaning agent is the right way to do this.

Looking Ahead

Introducing our immune-modulating nasal spray represents a significant advancement in respiratory health. As research continues and the technology is refined, it promises to revolutionize how we approach nasal and respiratory health. We believe this technology will impact the spread of infectious diseases.

Doctors, A Solution Is Here Now Today:

with no systemic side effects. Logix Biosciences’ Manuka Guard brand has a group of five nasal sprays.

Nasal Immune Modulation for Colds and Flu

The common cold and flu are primarily caused by viruses that enter the body through the nasal passages. Nasal immune modulation offers a targeted approach to enhance the body's natural defenses right at this entry point. Optimizing the immune response in the nasal cavity can potentially prevent these viruses from gaining a foothold or reduce their impact by flushing mucus-containing pathogens out.

For those already suffering from a cold or flu, nasal immune modulation can aid in a more balanced immune response, potentially reducing the severity and duration of symptoms by flushing mucus-containing pathogens out. This means faster recovery and a decreased risk of complications that can arise from these illnesses.